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Research on PCQ Pet Wins Texas A&M Award

Researcher Wins Award for Landmark Study on PCQ Pet

April 10, 2019 --  Ariela Thomas won first place for her presentation in the Agriculture and Life Sciences category at Student Research Week at Texas A&M University.

The title was “Synergistic interaction between palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and quercetin in the reduction of inflammation”.

Ariela Thomas holding her award

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Susanne Talcott, Ph.D. also coordinated the landmark study on PCQ Pet™ in older dogs at Texas A&M Veterinary School.

Results from the study included:

Older dogs taking PCQ Pet™ experienced the following:

  1. 58% reduction in pain interference

  2. 57% improvement in quality of life

  3. 32% reduction in pain severity

After years of research and extensive market trials, the conclusions on the patent-pending formula in PCQ Pet are clear:

  • Dogs taking PCQ Pet™ experienced a significant increase in physical activity and exercise.
  • Dogs taking PCQ Pet™ were more likely to stay active and healthy through their middle age and golden years.

Source: https://nutrition.tamu.edu/2019/04/10/ariela-thomas-wins-1st-place-in-student-research-week/