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Frequently Asked Questions about PCQ Pet

WHAT IS PEA, the main ingredient in PCQ Pet™?

All mammals create palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA, when they metabolize dietary fats. Our cells use it to regulate a healthy and natural inflammatory and pain response.

When consumed as a supplement, PEA relieves inflammation and pain in humans and companion animals.


PEA is self-generating, and all mammals naturally produce it to help address their inflammation and pain.

But some animals may need more PEA than their body is capable of producing, to help balance inflammation.

Studies show that both pets and humans benefit when PEA is taken as a supplement.

And, since it’s produced naturally, PEA has no known side effects.


A large body of science has been accumulated on PEA, including our own clinical study on PCQ Pet.

65 years of research has resulted in hundreds of papers published on the safety and efficacy of PEA.

The conclusion? PEA is a safe and effective way to help reduce mild to moderate inflammation and pain in many species of mammals.


As a compound that is naturally created in all mammals, PEA has a remarkable safety profile.

PEA has been clinically studied for more than 30 years in Europe, where it is sold as a food supplement.

Thousands of animal and pet subjects, as well as humans, have consumed PEA in peer-reviewed, published, and controlled research studies. Across numerous research studies, PEA was found to be well tolerated and safe.


PEA is produced by an enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) during fat metabolism, so it is central to regulating the body’s inflammation and pain.

PEA signals cellular regulators to support a healthy inflammatory and pain response throughout the body – including the hips, joints and skin of our four-legged companions.



Unlike ‘building block’ supplements like glucosamine, or supplements which address the symptom only, PEA works directly at the cause of pain and inflammation – the FAAH pathway.

PEA is closely related to anandamide, another fatty acid amide produced by the body, which is a type of endocannabinoid.

Endocannabinoids are compounds produced by the body which are central regulators of pain and mood.

PEA's activity on receptors of the endocannabinoid system make it unique as a potential regulator for pain and inflammation as well as assisting cognitive function and mood.

Because PEA is part of the body's own endocannabinoid system, researchers believe that PEA may act in a similar way to the cannabinoids found in cannabis.

However, Vital Pet Science’s PEA is not sourced from cannabis, and while it is studied to enhance mood and relaxation, it does not cause psychoactive effects.

The PEA nutritional supplement is made from natural palmitic acid, the most common saturated fatty acid found in animals, plants and microorganisms.

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