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About Us

Dr. Geoff Pfeifer saw, time after time, that uncontrolled inflammation cut short too many lives.

As he explains: "Over the years, I became frustrated and disappointed with the lack of options for ‘resetting inflammation' in our companion animals."

"Then I discovered PEA, or palmitoylethanolamide. That changed everything."

As Dr. Geoff later explained:

"Over the years, I became frustrated and disappointed with the lack of options for ‘resetting’ inflammation in our animals. Nothing appeared to have a fast-acting, comprehensive activity, that reversed inflammation."

Then he found a molecule that was part of the body’s own anti-inflammatory system, which appeared to feed the molecular engines that dictate pain and inflammation. This molecule, known as PEA had already been studied in large clinical trials for anti-inflammatory effects.

PEA, short for palmitoylethanolamide, is a fatty acid that’s the “body’s own anti-inflammatory”, because it’s made by every cell of every mammal.

After years of research and development, in 2019, Dr. Geoff helped to present his team's major discoveries to the world. 

As Dr. Geoff says, "PCQ Pet is the only comprehensive inflammation support for dogs that impacts the three primary signaling pathways: cytokines, NF-kB and TNF-alpha. And that makes a difference."

Flashback to 2017: Synergy of PEA-curcumin-quercetin ratio discovered

In 2017, Dr. Pfeifer and university researchers at Texas A&M discovered something very interesting: when PEA was combined with a certain ratio of curcumin (from turmeric root) and quercetin, cells suddenly switched on their inflammation-balancing machines!

This finding was so groundbreaking, the exact ratio of natural compounds was established, and Dr. Geoff, along with the university filed for patents on the formula.

This same exact formula and ratio that studied in university clinical research was preserved, unchanged. Initially called PCQ+Ultra, the researched formulation is was rebranded in 2022 as PCQ Pet.

Groundbreaking Study Results

In January 2020, preliminary data was announced from a landmark study on PCQ+ Ultra in older dogs at the Texas A&M Veterinary School.

The preliminary findings on the effects of PCQ Pet by the university researchers were very compelling:

  • Older dogs taking PCQ Pet™ experience lower inflammation within weeks, as measured by level of physical activity.*

  • Older dogs taking PCQ Pet are active for almost an hour a day.*

  • Older dogs taking PCQ Pet do not experience a decline in activity level over time.*

  • Many dogs taking PCQ Pet show a significant increase in activity after taking PCQ+ Ultra.*

  • Older dogs taking PCQ Pet remained active and healthy, especially through the winter months.*

  • Dogs preferred taking PCQ Pet when sprinkled onto their food.*

Here's Dr. Geoff discussing the amazing progress with Dixie...

Natural Relief For Dogs Within Hours 
We believe all older dogs can enjoy more running, jumping and playing so we back our products with a money-back guarantee.
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An Update from Dr. Geoff:

We've got some exciting news to share about PCQ and Vital Pet Sciences: 

We're evolving! And that means new science, new products and new names!

It all goes back to an interesting discovery we made in our initial product launch of our flagship pet product:

A lot of dog owners were taking PCQ themselves! 

(Which was ok, since it's made in a human GMP facility).  

But when we saw the excellent feedback, we decided to launch a PCQ formula just for humans! 

We're just about to launch NEW PCQ Gold for humans!  PCQ Gold is the same safe and effective, researched PCQ formula in easy-to-swallow capsules! 

It also means some name changes:PCQ+ Ultra, our flagship product for pets, is now branded PCQ Pet™.

As our science and products evolve, so does our company. Here's the back story on our names...

Dr. Geoff originally founded  Core Vibe Health as the parent company of Vital Pet Sciences (VPS), to offer wellness solutions for our best friends. As Core Vibe transitions to pet + human wellness, VPS will be known as Vital Sciences.

Dr. Geoff wanted us to let everyone know that Core Vibe, VPS and Vital Sciences are all the same company, same team, and same great products!