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A New Generation of Pain and Inflammation Relief for Dogs

A long history of safety (and dozens of clinical trials) have evaluated the effects of PEA, short for palmitoylethanolamide.

But in 2017, a group of U.S. researchers got together and asked a big question:

"What if we could improve on the effects of PEA?"

Flash forward to January 2020, preliminary data was announced from a landmark study on PCQ Pet™ in older dogs at Texas A&M Veterinary School.

The findings were compelling.

Older dogs taking PCQ Pet™ experienced the following:

  1. 58% reduction in pain interference

  2. 57% improvement in quality of life

  3. 32% reduction in pain severity

The university findings were considered astonishing by the scientific research team, who stated that the effects were "better than glucosamine". 

After years of research and extensive market trials, the conclusions on the patent-pending formula in PCQ Pet are clear:

  • Dogs taking PCQ Pet™ experienced a significant increase in physical activity and exercise.
  • Dogs taking PCQ Pet™ were more likely to stay active and healthy through their middle age and golden years.

Findings based on clinical and in vitro assays finding synergistic reduction in inflammatory markers, including a pilot clinical study on 7 older dogs with osteoarthritis of hip and knee, conducted at Texas A&M University Veterinary School*.

Dog glucosamine supplement

Please visit our Scientific References page to learn more about the powerful research supporting the synergistic ingredients in PCQ Pet.

*Texas A&M University does not endorse any products. 


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